SSC AR process on crediting or debiting units with revenue, write-offs, and credit card charges

  • Issue credit to units upon entering the invoice into the AR system.
  • Reverse revenue and charge back to the units for receivable amounts written off as uncollectible. This includes the amount that credit collection agencies receive when they successfully collect monies on balances referred to them. SSC AR works with the unit to determine if past due receivables should be sent to a collection agency or written off.
  • Charge units a standard percentage of the transaction amount when payment is received by credit card. This fee is the average of fees charged by the university-wide contractor for credit card payments.
  • Keep Finance Sponsored Programs informed with regularly issued management reports.

Unit Responsibilities

Prepare and submit customer and invoice files for General Receivables using the appropriate upload template:

For Sponsored Program Agreements: receive instructions from and direct questions to your Project Grant coordinator listed on the Finance website.

Maintain record retention per SPG 604.01 Departmental Record Retention for Business and Financial Records.

Run and review the Statement of Receivables (SOR) report monthly. Contact SSC Accounts Receivable to discuss any issues by emailing accountsreceivablessc@umich.edu or calling 734-615-2000.

Understand and comply with Michigan Sales and Use Tax rules (see SPG 502.03 Michigan Sales and Use Tax and SPG 502.04 Sales of Goods and Services to Non-University Entities and Federal Unrelated Business Income (UBI)).

Contact the SSC
By phone:
Call the Shared Services Center at (734) 615-2000

By email:
Send inquiries to accountsreceivablessc@umich.edu

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