About the Shared Services Center

The U-M Shared Services Center (SSC) offers select Finance and Human Resources (HR) transactional services to the entire institution. It combines these transactional services from colleges, schools, and administrative units into one operation that offers high-quality customer service as part of an overall strategy that focuses on the optimal use of university resources.

Colleges, schools, and administrative units participate in the governance of the SSC to define performance levels, provide feedback and establish collaborative responsibilities.

The SSC is part of Business and Finance and is led by Executive Director Pam Gabel, who reports to U-M’s executive vice president and chief financial officer.

SSC Mission Statement

Shared Services is a customer-focused organization that delivers user-friendly, cost-effective, and expert administrative services to support the university’s core missions of teaching, research, and public service.

SSC Vision Statement

Shared Services will strive to be the "go to" resource for administrative services, while also providing growth-oriented and challenging employment opportunities for its workforce.

SSC Guiding Principles

  • Provide customers with a voice in the service delivery process
  • Operate at a lower cost
  • Provide high-quality customer service
  • Be the experts
  • Provide a growth-oriented and creative work environment
  • Focus on continuous improvement
  • Understand problems and resolve them quickly
  • Operate with a partnership mentality
  • Ensure work is done right the first time
  • Do what is best for the university.

Visit the FAQ section to learn more about the SSC.