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Chartfield Requests

Contact Accounting Customer Service
  • 734.615.2000, press 3, press 4
  • M-F, 8:00AM-5:00PM

Create, modify, or inactivate ChartFields to help track available funds, projects and transactions for your unit.

When you need help with ChartFields, please call 734-615-2000, press 3, press 4  or email us.


Once you submit your ChartField request it can take up to 48 hours for data to refresh and show up in university systems such as Concur or Business Objects.

ChartField Maintenance Categories

Sponsored FundsSponsored Project/Grant for a specific research pool of money or activity. Please email us.

Non-Sponsored Project/Grant for a specific pool of money or activity.

Project Grant (Non-Sponsored) Request

 Project Grant (Non-Sponsored) Multiple Request (XLS)

When you need help with a Non-Sponsored Project grant ChartField, please email us.

Six-digit code to identify a group of ChartFields mapped to a specific fund, department, program, project/grant, and class.

ShortCode Request

 ShortCode Multiple Request

Department ID and/or contacts, representative of an academic or administrative unit.

Department Request

Program representative of an additional reporting field for a department.

Program Request

Program Multiple Request (XLS)

A six-digit code to classify the type of transactions that post to ChartFields on the Income Statement & Balance Sheet.

Account Code Request

Endowment-related investment fund.

Endowment Request

Available Accounting Training

The Shared Services Center offers a course called The ABC’s of Accounting to help you increase your understanding of the various funds that make up the general ledger, revenue and expense types, class codes, and more. Please Email us to find out when the next course is available.

We also provide Journal Entry Training.

Additional Resources

Contact the following SSC partners if you need further assistance:

Account & Class Code Support
Contact Financial Operations Reporting

Endowment-Related Support
Contact Financial Operations Accounting

Sponsored Project Support
Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs