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J-1 Visa Coordination

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Every year, the University of Michigan welcomes hundreds of international scholars on a J-1 visa.  Once a U-M faculty member has invited a scholar for the J-1 visa program, the process begins. The SSC provides coordination services that include processing new requests, returning J-1 visa scholars, transfers, and those seeking an amendment or extension for their program.

Note: If the scholar is coming to or extending their time at the Medical School, please submit your request to the Medical School Immigration Compliance Unit (MS-ICU), which you do by submitting the intake form on this page. The SSC does not process visa requests for the Medical School.

J-1 Visa Request Process Overview
for U-M Department Contact

The J-1 visa request process involves many steps. To help streamline and simplify what’s needed, we have created an Overview of the J-1 Process to help you navigate through the process, provide you with a checklist on what to gather before you start, and guide you on what happens once you have made a request.

Request J-1 Visa Program:
New | Return | Transfer

This is used for visitors who have been invited to start a new J-1 program, have been invited to return under J-1 visa status, or will transfer their J-1 program to the University of Michigan from a different institution within the United States. Please use the checklist below before filling out the request.

  • Confirm that J-1 is the appropriate visa status for the purpose of the visit and long-term intent of the exchange visitor.
  • Will the visitor be receiving any funding from U-M? If so, how much?
  • Do you have a copy of the visitor’s resume?
  • If you would like the International Center to ship the visitor their DS-2019, do you have a shortcode that can be used for the shipping label?
  • Do you have a 2-4 sentence summary of what the visitor will be doing while they’re here?

Please allow 8-10 weeks for the scholar to receive their DS-2019 and apply for their visa.

Request J-1 Visa – Amendment | Extension

This is used for extending a visitor’s J-1 program at the University of Michigan or changing the program objective and/or work responsibilities. It is also used for changing funding information, site of activity, position or job title.