Service Overview

Accounts Payable processes invoices according to the payment terms on the purchase order (most are Net30). AP will pay only from invoices, not from:

  • Supplier statements
  • Quotes
  • Order acknowledgements
  • Packing slips
  • Altered Invoices
  • Any other documentation provided by the supplier

How to Request Service

Where to Submit Invoices

All suppliers and U-M units (hospital and campus) should use the following address for submitting invoices.


Use this method for invoices that do not contain Protected Health Information (PHI). Invoices should be submitted via email attachment to


Use this method if the invoice contains Protected Health Information (PHI). Invoices should be submitted via U.S. mail to:

U-M SSC Accounts Payable
3003 S. State Street
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1282

Healthcare Invoice Guidelines

  • All U-M purchase orders contain the appropriate “bill to” address for the transaction. Be sure you send the invoice to the address that appears on the purchase order.
  • If you are transmitting invoices that contain PHI, please make sure that you are transmitting them securely in accordance with our Business Associate Agreement (BAA) practices.
  • If you are transmitting PHI and do not have a BAA, please contact U-M Procurement Services at (734) 764-8212.
  • Do not email invoices containing PHI as this is not deemed the most secure method; please mail these types of invoices to the “bill to” address appearing on the purchase order.
  • All invoices must include at least one of the following: A valid U-M purchase order number or the valid U-M email address of the employee who placed the order with your company.

Campus Invoice Guidelines

Invoices must include a valid University of Michigan Purchase Order number (PO). Note: In rare cases (and non-standard), an invoice may not be tied to a PO, and therefore the supplier must include on the invoice the U-M email address of the U-M employee or group that placed the order.

For payment requests that are exempt from the Purchase Order standard, the unit must provide valid ChartFields/ShortCodes and a valid Expense Account Code. Payment requests that are not exempt from the Purchase Order process will be flagged as an Invalid Use of a Non-PO voucher and may be subject to further approvals.

If the unit receives an invoice from a supplier, the unit should remind the supplier to submit any future invoices directly to AP. The unit should also promptly forward the invoice to AP using one of the following methods:

  • Scan the invoice (retaining the hard copy for unit records) and attach it to an email addressed to or
  • Send the paper copy via campus mail to AP at the Wolverine Tower address (see above)