Service Overview

Accounts Receivable researches and, if identified, distributes unallocated payments. Accounts Receivable receives and records payments from external customers for all of the University of Michigan bank accounts. At times, the customer does not include the information of where the payment belongs. Accounts Receivable will contact units once research has been performed to determine owner of the payment. Accounts Receivable will send the unallocated payment information to the units on a monthly basis. If the unit discovers the unallocated payment should be applied to one of their chartfields, the unit should contact Accounts Receivable to have the payment applied correctly. A unit can contact SSC AR if they are looking for a payment that has not been deposited to the unit p/g or shortcode.

How to Request Service

Have the following information available to complete your request:

  • amount of payment
  • date of payment if known
  • issuer of payment
  • if listed on the unallocated list of payments emailed monthly, please include JE number listed for this payment.
By phone:

Call the Shared Services Center at (734) 615-2000

By email:

Email the Shared Services Center at with the information listed above.