Service Overview

The Approver Table is used by Department Managers to delegate approval within the department for AP vouchers and journal entries. The following transaction types are routed for approval:

AP Transactions:

  • PO Vouchers $10,000 or greater
  • Discrepancy Vouchers (30% or $300)
  • All Payment Requests (nonPO Vouchers)
  • Positive Adjustment Vouchers ($500 or greater)

Journal Entries:

  • Where a line is $10,000 or greater
Approver Types:

AP Transactions:

  • ChartField approver
  • Fiscal approver
  • Combined approver
  • Project/Grant approver
    • SAPOC
    • Project Director

Journal Entries:

  • Journal approver

Note: To be selected on the approver table, approvers must have appropriate OARS access


It is important to keep the approver table uptodate because not only is it used for workflowing transactions, but it is also be used in the SOA reconciliation process to determine whether a transaction was approved by an appropriate individual.

Department Managers will be responsible for updating their AP and JE approver tables. If the Department Manager needs assistance with modifying the approver table or general questions, they can email or call the Accounting Customer Service team.

How to contact the SSC:

By phone:
Call the SSC Accounting Customer Service Team at 734-615-2000, press #3, press #4

By email:
Email for approver table questions.

Additional Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am an approver and will be going on vacation. How should I appoint someone else to approve transactions while I am gone?
    If you are only going to be away temporarily, you should use the alternate approval. Any transaction routed to you for approval will go to the individual specified instead.
  2. If I am out of the office unexpectedly, how do I get transactions out of my worklist?
    You can call SSC Accounting Customer Service to have journal entries routed to someone else; call the SSC Finance Contact Center to have vouchers routed to someone else.