Service Overview

Units can choose to process journal entries (JEs) or have the SSC process them. When the unit would like the SSC to process a JE on their behalf, the unit should complete the Journal Entry Request online form located on the eForms page.

Be sure to include supporting documentation if it is needed to support the transaction. Supporting documentation is required on Sponsored JEs.

How to Contact SSC

By phone:
Call the SSC Accounting Customer Service Team at 734-615-2000, press #3, press #4

By email:
Email the SSC Accounting Customer Service Team at for inquiries

Additional Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have an edit error on my journal. How can I get help?
    When you are on the JE page, navigate to the Error tab. Click the Notify SSC button at the bottom of the page. This will send a request to SSC to investigate and correct the error.
  2. I have a budget error on my journal. How can I get help?
    Email or call the Accounting Customer Service Team to assist with budget errors.
  3. My journal is pending approval from an approver that is out of the office, but it needs to be posted today. What should I do?
    Call the Accounting Customer Service team and be prepared with the journal ID and date so they can best assist you.
  4. What transfer account code do I use to move funding?
    The Transfer Account Matrix is the proper tool to educate School/Colleges/Units to identify the proper transfer account codes.
  5. What resource is available to determine the proper revenue or expense account code to use?
    The valid account code list is the best reference tool to determine which revenue or expenses accounts to use when recording and Income Statement transactions.