Service Overview

The Shared Services Center (SSC) has created Unit Management reports located in M-Reports. These reports are intended for departmental use to view transactions at various levels. There are detailed reports that can be viewed at the transaction level as well as reports that display a five-year trend analysis. Regular review of these reports supplement the reconciliation work performed by the SSC and strengthen the departments’ internal controls. Some of the Unit Management reports will require an electronic departmental signature after review.

Below is a list of the Unit Management reports in M-Reports:

  • 5 Year Trend Report (annual review recommended)
  • Approver Table Roles (quarterly review recommended)
  • Yearly Trend, Student Financial Activity (quarterly review with electronic signature)
  • Service Unit Billing Yearly Trend (quarterly review with electronic signature)
  • Service Unit Billing 5 Year Trend (annual review recommended)
  • Reconciliation Detail (monthly review recommended)
  • Journal Entries Pending Approval (monthly review recommended)
  • JEs Initiated by Outside Dept Group (monthly review recommended)
  • Procurement Spend (monthly review with electronic signature)
  • Procurement Five Year Trend (annual review recommended)
  • Procurement Yearly Trend (monthly review with electronic signature)
  • Total Picture Effort Report by Project Director (monthly review recommended)
  • GPR Payroll Five Year Trend (annual review recommended)
  • GPR Payroll Funding Mismatch (monthly review recommended)
  • GPR Payroll Actuals vs Estimates (quarterly review recommended)
  • GPR Payroll Yearly Trend.(monthly review with electronic signature)

How to Contact the SSC

By phone:
Call the Shared Services Center at 734-615-2000, press #3 to reach the Finance Contact Center

By email:
Email the Shared Services Center at: for SOA Financial Questions for GPR Payroll Questions

Additional Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which report do I run to verify my SUB Detail?
    The Service Unit Billing Yearly Trend and the Service Unit Billing 5 Year Trend reports will provide SUB detail and trend information. You can also call the Shared Services Center (734-615-2000, press #3) to be guided to the correct reports.
  2. What if I am looking at my M-Reports and I notice a charge that does not belong on that account?
    You can request SSC create a journal entry through the Journal Entry Request eForm, or units retain the option of creating their own journal entries to correct errors.
  3. How will I know which reports I need to sign off on?
    The Shared Services Center will have a list of such reports and the frequency that review and sign off is needed.
  4. What if I do not understand a specific transaction after looking at my reports?
    You can go to eReconciliation in M-Pathways and review the supporting documentation attached to that transaction. Once you find that transaction, click on the View Doc icon and this shows all available supporting documents.