Service Overview

Supporting documentation is required on PO vouchers between $1,500 and $10,000 and for all ShortCode hosting expenses. Supporting documentation can be submitted using an online form on the SSC website or units may attach supporting documentation in eReconciliation at the transaction level. If there is no documentation from the unit, the SSC will reach out to the unit.

Attaching supporting documentation

  1. Use the SOA Supporting Documentation eForm.
  2. Units may also attach supporting documentation in eReconciliation at the transaction level using the Add Doc icon.
  3. Supporting documentation may be requested by the SSC. SSC will send the unit an email with a link to a ServiceLink case.

    If you receive an email from SSC requesting supporting documentation for a transaction:

    • Click on the link in the email
    • Upload the supporting documentation
    • Provide written notes in the case to clarify or confirm a transactions accuracy
    • Click Save
    • SSC will be notified that you added attachments and/or comments
  4. If they have no documentation, the unit can attach a supporting memo to verify this transaction.

How to Contact SSC

By phone:
Call the Shared Services Center at 734-615-2000, press #3 to reach the Finance Contact Center

By email:
Email the Shared Services Center at: for SOA Financial Questions for GPR Payroll Questions

Additional Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I don’t have the hosting receipt?
    Complete the SOA Supporting Documentation eForm and attach a memo stating the hosting expense is accurate and valid for the ShortCode.
  2. What do I do for PO vouchers under $1,500?
    No documentation is required by the SSC.