Service Overview

Units can request that the Shared Services Center (SSC) enter a Unit Defined Commitment (UDC) in M-Pathways to track a revenue or expense item. If the unit does not give an end date to be entered on the commitment, it will be up to the unit to let the SSC know when that UDC can be released.

These requests can be sent through an on-line form on the SSC web-page . When requesting a UDC, first complete the UDC Load Template (including the end date of the UDC, if known) then upload the template to the on-line UDC Form.

To request a UDC, to either create or release, the unit will complete the Unit Defined Commitment Request eForm.

The unit will receive an email message when the requested UDC has been created that includes the UDC number or when the UDC has been released.

How to Contact the SSC

By phone:
Call the Shared Services Center at 734-615-2000, press #3 to reach the Finance Contact Center

By email:
Email the Shared Services Center at for UDC Questions

Additional Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why would I need a UDC?
    If you are expecting a large expense on a Project/Grant (P/G), and you do not want to over spend the P/G, you can enter a UDC in the amount of the large expense and this will “encumber” an expense for that P/G that is reflected in the M-Reports total. Expected large revenue amounts can also be accounted for in the same manner.
  2. What happens if I forget to release a UDC?
    If you forget to release a UDC, and that expense/revenue has posted to your P/G, then the UDC will also be included in that P/G. The expense/revenue is now reflected twice and the total for the P/G in M-Reports will not be accurate until the UDC is released.
  3. Which reports should I review to monitor UDC activity?
    You can review the following reports:
    • Project/Grant Budget Status Report (PBSR)
    • nVision Income Statement Reports:
      • mgln075a and mgln075d-variance report
    • Business Objects Reports:
      • CMB Project Grant Budget Status with Estimates
      • CMB Reporting Bdgt Ledger NonSponsored Reconciler by FundDeptPrgm
    • Wolverine Access: General Ledger > Unit Defined Commitments > Manage UDCs