Service Overview

SSC Travel & Expense (T&E) staff can create and edit Concur reports on behalf of university faculty and staff.

How to Request Service

Email with the following information:

  • Include in the email Subject the words “PCard” and/or “Reimbursement”
  • Provide the ShortCode, business purpose and receipts/supporting documents

Tips to Expedite Service

  • Communicate when an approver other than the default approver needs to be added to the report
  • For PCard expenses, request service before the 8th business day before the end of the month (e.g., for April 2015, provide the information by April 22nd).
  • If an approver or auditor sends back a report, email to request help editing the report
  • Only documents that show proof of payment suffice as receipts; reservation confirmations will not suffice
  • Receipt dates, amounts, names and locations must be visible and legible
  • Receipts that are in any language other than English can be difficult to interpret; a descriptive note can be very helpful
  • Expenses submitted more than 45 days after being incurred cannot be reimbursed without justification; please inform the SSC T&E staff member why the expense is being submitted late
  • Attendee lists are required for hosted meals and events

SSC Expense Report Standards

Report Name
  • Report Type (TVL, HST, REI, PC), Date, Purpose
    • TVL = Travel
    • HST = Hosting
    • REI = Reimbursement
    • PC = PCard
  • For PCard expenses, the month and year is used (e.g. 2/2015)
  • If there are multiple business purposes, the name of the employee is used
Business Purpose
The business purpose should answer the five "Ws":
  • Why: why the university should pay the expense
  • Where: city
  • Who: last name
  • When: last date of travel/hosting date
  • What: what was purchased
  • For expenses incurred for the submitter of the report:
    Why, Where, When, Who, What
  • For expenses incurred on behalf of another person: Why,Who,Where,When,What
    The SSC will use either a comma between each new piece of information with no spaces or let the text run together and capitalize each new piece of information

Department Reference
  • Information that cannot be captured in the business purpose because of character restrictions but that is important will be added to the Department Reference

Note: for all three fields (Report Name, Business Purpose, Department Reference), if the unit provides the exact content that they would like for a certain report and the requested content satisfies audit requirements, the SSC will use the requested content

Additional Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I need to add the SSC T&E staff as delegates in my Concur profile?
    No. SSC T&E staff have already been loaded as delegates for all university employees and are available to create expense reports as requested by the employee.
  2. Will the SSC create an expense report for a student or guest?
    At this time, the SSC T&E staff are only creating expense reports for university employees. Schools and colleges remain responsible for creating student (academic pursuit) and guest expense reports. There is no change to the non-employee expense report process as a result of the SSC providing employee expense report creation.
  3. Why do I have different ServiceLink case numbers for the same expense report?
    Every time you email using a new email thread, a new ServiceLink case is created and you will receive a confirmation email from Service Desk >< with a new ServiceLink case number. Use the subject or the content of the email to indicate when you want multiple items to be part of the same report. Note that although PCard expenses may be included with out-of-pocket expense reports, the SSC otherwise will create just one PCard-only expense report per month per employee.
  4. What if I forgot to include a receipt for a reimbursement?
    As long as you have not submitted the report, the SSC T&E staff can add the expense to your report. Respond to your initial email thread with and provide the receipt; this will make it easier for the SSC to keep the new receipt with the other items for the same report.
  5. When should I send in my PCard receipts?
    Email your PCard receipts, along with the ShortCode and business purpose, to as soon as you receive them.
  6. I emailed my receipts to the SSC. Why haven’t I heard from anyone?
    Confirm that you emailed your request to and not another SSC email address. If so, within three days you should receive a notification from Concur that your report is ready or an email from the SSC asking for additional information. If not, respond to your initial email to cancel your request and forward your receipts, ShortCode and business purpose to
  7. Will the SSC attach receipts at the report header or the line level?
    If there are four or fewer expense lines in the report, the SSC will attach the receipts at the report header. If there are more than four expense lines in the report, the SSC will attach the receipts at the line level.
  8. How will I know when my report is ready to submit?
    You will receive an automated message from Concur.
  9. How do I review and submit my reports?
    View the job aid How to Submit an Expense Report.
  10. I tried submitting my report but there are exceptions stating receipts are required; how do I know if receipts are attached?
    This message is a general reminder. If you get this message and you aren't sure if receipts are attached to the report, you can view them by clicking on the receipts tab and then choosing "view receipts". This will show you all receipts attached to the report.
  11. The administrative staff person in my unit knows/knew when an approver or auditor sends/sent back a report; why don’t the SSC T&E staff know?
    The SSC T&E staff members don’t receive the same notifications that your administrative staff person receives/received. By emailing, we will know you need service.
  12. How does the SSC T&E staff calculate per diem?
    The university uses the per diem that the federal government sets and that is based on the city in which the travel occurs. You can find a calculator for determining the per diem for your trip on the U.S. General Services Administration website. Additional information related to the university’s per diem policy is available on the Procurement Services website.