Service Overview

Process leave accrual updates and vacation payout requests in M-Pathways as a result of effort changes, transfers, leaves of absence and termination/rehires, LEO assignments, temp to regular conversions, and reinstatements that cause a change in an employees' leave accrual plan.

How to Request Service

Most of the accrual adjustments come from daily, weekly and monthly query results and are not actively requested by an individual employee or department. Reinstatements and LEO assignments are requested.

Please have the following information available to complete your request:

  1. The criteria for a reinstatement can be found in SPG 201.49. Make sure you fulfill the criteria.
    1. For reinstatements, complete and submit the form Request for Reinstatement of Credit for Prior Years of Service. The SSC Employment Group, the Data Management Group and the Time and Leave Group all have a portion of the process to complete. The employee will receive notification once processing is completed.
  2. For LEO appointments please review the Vacation Accrual for Non Instructional Staff Who Teach document for further information.
    1. For Non Instructional to Instructional leave accrual adjustments, create the letter to the department, employee, and carbon copy the Time and Leave Admin group at

By phone:
Call the Shared Services Center at 734-615-2000, press #2

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