Service Overview

Assist unit administrators and staff members with the assignment of static or dynamic groups, adding or removing employees from static groups, and the inactivation of static groups. Static groups and dynamic groups are used to group employee records together for managing timekeeping approvals:

  • Static Group: a five digit code in M-Pathways. Employee IDs are added or deleted by a unit timekeeper or the SSC.
  • Dynamic Group: a five character code that once established using criteria in M-Pathways will automatically add or remove employees based on the criteria.

How to Request Service

Have the following information available to complete your request:

  • The number of new static/dynamic groups needed
  • The EmplIDs for employees you are adding/removing from a new or existing static group; if a dynamic group is established, your list of EmplIDs will help test the criteria
  • If requesting a dynamic group, the criteria that defines the group (i.e., reg/temp, appointing Dept IDs). An SSC Time and Leave associate can help you define the criteria.

By eForm:
For Static Group requests, complete and submit the online request form (eForm): Static Group Management eForm

For Dynamic Group requests, complete and submit the online request form (eForm): Dynamic Group Creation eForm

An SSC Time and Leave associate will contact you to process your request. You will receive a confirmation email when the processing is complete.

By phone:
For general timekeeping information and questions about form completion, call the Shared Services Center at 734-615-2000, press #2

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