Accounting Customer Service Course Offerings (FY17)

The SSC Accounting Customer Service team offers the following instructor-led courses for FY17:
  • AC100: ABCs of Accounting: learn about the various funds that make up the university's general ledger; revenue types and restrictions; class codes; transfers; banking services; and more. Note: this course is lecture-based with no hands-on training. (2 hours)
  • AC200: Journal Entry Processing: this course reviews the life cycle of a journal entry, with emphasis on determining the necessity, appropriateness and the support needed to prepare and submit a journal entry. Note: this course is lecture-based with no hands-on training. (1.5 hours)
  • AC300: Service Unit Billing (SUB): in this hands-on training you will learn how to process a service unit billing – from downloading and completing the “loader” template through uploading the SUB in M-Pathways, and correcting SUB load errors. (1.5 hours)

Click the following link to view the complete schedule: ACS Training Schedule for FY17

Register for these courses through My LINC (search by course number or name, e.g., AC100 or ABC).


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  • For assistance with My LINC registration, contact the ITS Service Center at (734) 4-HELP (4357).

Accounts Receivable

View AR150 to learn about the services SSC Accounts Receivable performs, as well as how to complete the General Customer Upload Form and the General Billing Upload Form: View AR160 to learn about Accounts Receivable reporting, best practices and unit responsibilities: Learn how to establish a Various Sponsor Customer and complete the billing upload process. (Note: a Various Sponsor Customer is also known as External Recharge Activity.) The presentation and other resources are available here:

SOA Reconciliation

Learn how to communicate with the SSC and what documentation is required for the SSC to reconcile SOA transactions. The presentation reviews new eReconciliation fields and management reports, as well as the interaction between the unit and the SSC. Click the following link to view the presentation:

The Approver Table course (FN 200) provides department managers with the knowledge and understanding they need to maintain the Approver Table for their department. Click the following link to view the presentation:


Quick Reference Guides

The following guides provide overviews of SSC services and information on how to request service or ask a question:

HR Quick Reference Guides

Finance Quick Reference Guides

Interacting with the SSC Sessions

During our first year, SSC leadership and staff held informational sessions across campus to facilitate the implementation of new services and to support units during periods of change. The sessions also offered opportunities to meet with many of you - our customers - to hear your questions and concerns, and to get to know you better. The sessions are available below in PowerPoint and recorded formats: