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On 8/3, the SSC will roll out a new tool for managing service requests.

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What: We’re replacing ServiceNow with TeamDynamix to manage requests.

When: Monday, August 3, 2020.

Why: To create a simpler and smoother overall customer experience!

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As part of ongoing efforts to maximize your experience working with us, the Shared Services Center (SSC) is pleased to announce that as of Monday, August 3rd, 2020, we will transition to a new tool to manage service requests. The SSC will no longer use ServiceNow/CaseConnect (SN/CC), and will instead use a tool called TeamDynamix (TDx). TeamDynamix is a service management tool specifically designed for Higher Education, and in accord with how universities operate.

What this means for you is a user experience that is well-aligned with your needs and workflow. Not only is the tool designed intuitively, the SSC has also been working directly with staff members who make service requests in order to understand what tool features would create the best possible service experience. Our aim is for you to have an enhanced overall service experience, including a smoother and more intuitive request process, through the addition of features such as a robust “portal” where customers can make service requests, review relevant service information and review past requests.

As you may have recently noticed, if you’ve filed a service request through U-M Information and Technology Services (ITS), ITS requests have already been transitioned to TeamDynamix. The feedback they’ve received with the new service experience is that it is “refreshingly simple” and requesters feel less of a burden to provide large amounts of data for simple requests. We hope you will have a similar experience when the SSC makes the transition this summer.

Other Benefits To The Transition: 

  • Significant cost savings to the University.
  • The ability to better align request workflow among the SSC, UHR and Finance, with the goal of reducing bottlenecks and duplication of effort.
Additional Key Improvements Within TDx:
  • A more powerful search tool within the client portal, which allows customers to find what they need more quickly and easily.
  • The ability for customers to save frequently used service requests to a “Favorites” list, for easier access.
  • A simplified request process with enhanced eForm capabilities.
Although we hope that the overall changes to your workflow will be minimal, we promise to keep you informed as needed. Here’s what to expect…
  • Periodic updates on the progress of the transition up to, and after, the go-live date (at which time, all new requests will be handled via TDx).
  • Information and training materials on how to use TDx and any changes to forms or processes.
  • As the go-live date approaches, virtual, drop-in sessions to walk through the TDx tool and answer any questions you may have.

Please note that open requests in SN/CC will continue to be worked on, and you will not need to submit new requests. Additionally, historical request data will be exported out of SN/CC and will still be accessible.

As always, thank you for being a valued customer or partner of the SSC. We appreciate you and look forward to sharing this enhanced service experience with you!

If you should have any questions at this time, do not hesitate to respond to this message.

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