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Current Employees

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Current employees can submit an eForm request in order for the SSC to complete their employment verification request. Please make sure you are logged-in with your University uniqname/password. Click here for a list of verifications we cannot provide.

Requesting a Written Letter Verifying Your U-M Employment

  1. Complete the eForm
  2. Select the template that matches the information you need. The SSC will create the letter based on your selection. 

Template 1 – employment dates & current position

Template 2 – employment dates, current position, and full-time OR part-time

Template 3 – employment dates, current position, full-time OR part-time, and salary

Template 4 – specific position & dates

Template 5 – last paycheck received

Please note, you can add an addendum to any template to include your hours and earnings information (see Earnings Addendum A, B, and C to match your needs.)

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

  1. Complete this eForm 
  2. Upload completed page 1 of the PSLF Employment Certification Form and/or Application for Forgiveness.
  3. The Shared Services Center will complete page 2 and will distribute it directly to the Department of Education for processing. 
  4. You will receive a copy of the completed verification. 

Department of Health & Human Services (DHS)

  1. Complete this eForm. 
  2. Upload your DHS form in order for the SSC to verify your employment per Department of Health & Human Services needs. 

Click here if you need a copy of the DHS form.

Perkins Loans

  1. Complete this eForm.
  2. Upload your Perkins Loan form for employment verification purposes.


Do you have an employment verification form that needs completion and is not one of those above? If so, please fill out this eForm and upload your form(s). We’ll make sure it is completed.