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Current Employees

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Current employees can submit a verification of employment eForm for the SSC to complete their employment verification. Please make sure you are logged in with your University uniqname/password.

This eForm provides three types of verification:

  • General verification report (Example: Link)
  • A letter format (Example: Link)
  • Other/Miscellaneous

Do you have an employment verification request that fits the description above? If so, please fill out this eForm and upload your form(s). We will complete and distribute your employment verification as requested.

Department of Health & Human Services (DHS)

Complete this eForm.
Upload your DHS form to verify your employment for the Department of Health & Human Services.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

Use the information from our PSLF page to submit your request. PSLF certifications can be submitted through the PSLF Help Tool or the PSLF eForm. You only need to select one method to submit your request, and if you utilize the PSLF Help Tool to submit for an electronic signature, you do not have to notify the Shared Services Center of your submission.

Perkins Loans

Complete this eForm.
Upload your Perkins Loan form(s) for employment verification purposes.