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Continuous Improvement, Lasting Excellence

Organizational Excellence specializes in helping you innovate and improve to achieve and exceed your operational goals. As changes in higher education come at an unpredictable and faster pace, the ability to adapt and problem solve is increasingly important. We use various process improvement approaches to help you create the results you want.

We offer a suite of knowledge and business services, including consulting, training and workshops, data analysis, and automation to ensure units and schools can meet any challenge. Click here to learn more about how we can partner with you.

What We Offer

Our consulting team is here to serve the diverse and dynamic teams throughout the U-M community.

We’re curious and value the opportunity to learn about your work. We partner with you, providing a framework for deeper understanding, determining the best tools to help you improve to move you forward.

To begin, schedule a consultation with our team. From there, we can discuss your specific needs, your organization’s short and long-term goals, problems you are trying to solve, and how we can help.


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Team Workshops

In our workshops, we’ll partner with you to find the approach that fits your team and support you through getting the results you want. Don’t see what your team needs here? Reach out and let us know! We may be able to design a custom course for you. All of our workshops are offered at no cost at this time.


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We’re passionate about helping you succeed!

Our courses are designed with a mix of instruction and small group activities to empower every attendee with the knowledge and skills they need to make a positive impact.

Organizational Excellence courses help raise awareness, develop capabilities, and provide a setting for individuals to practice what they’re learning. If you’re looking for options for teams, check out our Workshops. All of our courses are offered at no cost at this time.


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Empowering Blue
Spark ideas, share stories, shape change.

Empowering Blue (EB) is a new community for staff and faculty to connect, collaborate and learn together about improvement, change and innovation. Facilitated by Organizational Excellence, EB participants will meet other like-minded people to spark new ideas, share best practices for continuous improvement and empower each other.

Our mission is to support and encourage those who are transforming the way we do business for the benefit of our students, staff, faculty, alumni and community. Topics include process improvement, Lean, change management, trends and technology, engagement and more!


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