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U-M Service As Credit To Retire From the State of Michigan (Or Other States)

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If you previously worked for U-M and now work for the State of Michigan, you can receive credit for the time you worked at U-M, and use it towards your eligibility to retire from the state. However, service with the State of Michigan does not count as service to retire from U-M.

For eligibility requirements and forms, contact:

Michigan Department of Management and Budget

Office of Retirement Services

P.O. Box 30171

Lansing, MI 48909-7671

(517) 322-5103

If you work for a state other than Michigan, check with your current employer to determine if they will allow you to receive credit to retire based on your time worked at the university, and what information they require in order to confirm employment. Send the following to the U-M Payroll Office:

  1. A letter requesting verification of your employment and the approximate dates during which you worked for U-M.
  2. The State of Michigan form to be completed. If you are applying for credit to retire from another state’s retirement system, include their form (or a letter stating the information they are requesting.)
  3. The Payroll Office charges $15 to research your records and provide verification of your employment. Make your $15 check payable to “The University of Michigan” and include it with your letter and form.
  4. Mail everything to: 

The University of Michigan
Payroll Office
G395 Wolverine Tower
3003 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1279

The Payroll Office will confirm that you were employed at U-M based on any time periods when you received a U-M paycheck. Payroll will also confirm whether or not any deductions were taken for the retirement plan. Allow 3-4 weeks for processing.