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Vacation, Sick, Maternity & Parental Leave

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You have come to the right place if you need help troubleshooting an issue with vacation or sick time. If you have questions please call 734-615-2000, press 2 or email us.

NOTE:  The SSC does not have the ability to make changes to timesheets, vacation balances or administer or approve extended sick time benefits.  Contact your supervisor for changes or approvals.

If you cannot see your vacation balance, the most common reason is that your time was not entered or approved prior to payroll cut off.  Once your time has been entered and approved your balances will show after the next payroll.

If your vacation balance is incorrect your first step is to ensure your time was entered and approved and is current. Check with your supervisor to correct any errors.

This eForm is only for Flint HR to submit requests for SSC Time & Leave to load vacation balances for a specific population of Academic Administrators.
If you took sick time before it was due to renew  but you see it taken off your new balance the most common reason is that your time was not entered or approved prior to the renewal, causing it to be deducted from the new balance.

Bi-weekly employee sick bank is renewed at the beginning of the pay period including the first day of the month.  Your renewal is based on pay period, not the calendar month.

Vacation payouts take 4 to 6 weeks following the last regular paycheck. All time has to be entered and approved for payout.

A staff member with expertise in specific areas may be asked to teach in addition to their regular job appointment. These staff members are known as LEO lecturers. LEO lecturers will have a reduction of effort to their regular job appointment and the effort will be applied to the LEO appointment. Because LEO is not a part of the accrual system, you should submit your request each term to ensure the change in effort of appointment does not result in lost accruals or a vacation payout.

LEO Accrual Request

Up to six weeks of paid maternity (childbirth) leave is available to eligible birth mothers, while up to six weeks of paid parental leave is available to all eligible parents and legal guardians of children, including birth mothers who have also taken maternity leave. You may use this eForm to request either maternity or parental leave, or both. Please visit this page for more detailed information and instruction on filling out the eForm.

Before submitting this eForm, please review complete policy and eligibility information at

Static and Dynamic Groups are helpful for time approval and running selected manager reports. This gives you the advantage of seeing all employees even if they have not entered time sheets.  Once you submit the request, you will get an email confirming we have received your request.

Static Groups Dynamic Groups
Request Static Group (eForm) Request Dynamic Group (eForm)
Employees added to the group have NO common criteria Employees share a common criteria (Example: Supervisor ID, Department ID) You may request multiple criteria  
Require regular maintenance Maintenance is automated based on the common criteria
Employees are entered or removed manually Employees are entered or removed automatically
Best for small groups, groups with low turnover, or custom groups that no common criteria Best for large groups with high turnover, or groups that share a common criteria