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  1. Portrait of Pam Gabel
    Pamela Gabel
    Assistant Vice President

    Pam's favorite books? Murder mysteries of course!

    Pam Gabel serves as the Assistant Vice President of the Shared Services Center at the University of Michigan. She has over 25 years of experience in the shared services field, having held leadership roles in 5 centers, spanning diverse industries including publishing, financial services, construction, and manufacturing. Her current position is her first in higher education. She has been involved in all phases of shared services from design and implementation to continuous improvement and on-going management. Pam earned a B.S. in Psychology from Penn State University and a Master of Divinity from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.

  2. Portrait of Nicki Trinka
    Nicki Trinka
    Assistant Director of Technology

    The Legend of Zelda is Nicki's favorite videogame series.

    Nicki Trinka serves as the Assistant Director of Technology for the Shared Services Center at the University of Michigan. Nicki leads the Technology Management, Business Analytics, and Robotics Processing Automation teams in addition to acting as the SSC’s point of contact for all things tech. Nicki brings over 20 years of experience in the industry, with career stops in network operations, engineering, product management, and information technology! Nicki earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Purdue University as well as a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from Wayne State University. Outside of work, Nicki enjoys playing videogames, reading, and cooking!

  3. Shelly Hoffmann
    HR Operations Manager

    Has spent most of her life in pools; lifeguarding, competitive swimming and coaching

    Shelly Hoffmann serves as the HR Operations Manager for the Shared Services Center. In this role, Shelly provides leadership for the Employment Services, Data Management, Time & Leave, Benefit Transactions, HR Coordinators, and J1 Visa Request teams. Shelly joined the university in April 2018 after spending 24 years in the automotive industry serving in various HR roles and having supported the launch and stabilization of a Global HR Shared Services team. Shelly holds both an MBA and MHSA from U-M, Ann Arbor and a Bachelor’s Degree in the Biological Sciences from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Shelly resides in Ann Arbor’s Old West Side with her husband and children, enjoys swimming, hiking & camping with her family and can be found frequently walking her dog around the streets of A2.

  4. Photograph of Jason Tomb
    Jason Tomb
    HR Services Manager

    Jason is both a sports fan and a participant

    Jason Tomb serves as the HR Services Manager at the U-M Shared Services Center. The teams that report through him are the HR Customer Care Team, the HR Benefits Transactions Team and the Paid Leave Balance/Verification of Employment Team. He began his career with the University of Michigan in 2015 at the Shared Services Center where he supervised the Employment Processing team where he helped open our Regional I-9 Centers and was previously in the role of the Benefits Transactions Supervisor at the SSC before moving to this position. Before joining the university, Jason had many different leadership roles in different operational areas in the retail world ranging from logistics to HR to store manager. He has a bachelor’s degree in General Management from Michigan State University. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing and watching sports and traveling in his free time.

  5. Image of Kate Barker
    Kate Barker
    Assistant Director of Strategy & Communications

    Kate Barker is the Assistant Director of Strategy & Communications at the Shared Services Center. Kate is passionate about leadership and mentoring. With over 25 years in leadership roles in various industries, Kate has built a strong leadership skillset. Each role has shaped how she views leadership and has lead her to explore models of positive and inclusive leadership. Kate’s passion and focus are on helping to drive organizational strategy, and helping staff learn, grow their skills and excel at their work. Kate began her career at Whole Foods Market, where she discovered a passion for the local food movement. From there, Kate moved to various roles at Local Orbit and ended as the Product Manager, helping customers grow and strengthen their local food systems through the use of technology.

    Kate also holds a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Oregon and has been teaching photography (digital, darkroom and the history of photography) at Washtenaw Community College since 2005.

  6. Krista Schulte
    Assistant Director of Operational Improvement

    Won a pie contest with her Rustic Peach-Plum Kuchen

    Krista Schulte serves as Assistant Director of Operational Improvement for the Shared Services Center at the University of Michigan. Krista leads the planning, coordinating, communicating and delivering of programs to help faculty and staff teams solve operational problems and get lasting results. Krista came to the University of Michigan in March 2015 from Visteon Corporation where she coached lean product development teams for over 10 years. Prior to that, she served at Visteon and Ford in different Engineering, Process Leadership, and Operations roles. Krista earned a B.S., Industrial & Operations Engineering and M.S.E., Engineering Management from the University of Michigan. She is also a Six Sigma Black Belt. Krista sits on the global steering group for Lean HE and co-founded HELEX, the Higher Ed Lean Exchange.

  7. Matt Dupie
    Accounts Payable Manager

    Coming Soon

  8. Dianne Morin
    Service Delivery Manager

    Lifelong Peanuts Fan!

    Dianne Morin serves as the Service Delivery Manager, Dianne has responsibility for managing the Human Resources and Finance Customer Care Centers, Facilities and Business Office, as well as the Travel and Expense Teams at the Shared Services Center. She began her career at the University of Michigan in 2011 at the Institute for Social Research where she managed operational projects and employee relations for the data collection organization. Before joining the university, Dianne had a long career in corporate leadership where she had oversight of client services and operations for a global company that offered solutions for the insurance industry. Dianne holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management.

  9. Kimberly Shannon
    Assistant Director of Operations

    Loves to dance

    Kimberly Shannon serves as Assistant Director of Operations for the Shared Services Center at the University of Michigan. In this role, Kimberly provides leadership for Finance and HR transactional teams. She has over 25 years of diverse industry experience leading teams focused on providing services and solutions to their customer base. Kimberly brings 10 years of experience in Shared Services Operations. Most recently, she served as a Director of Customer Resolution and Quality Management in the Shared Services Office at The University of Chicago. Kimberly has a bachelor degree in Accounting from The University of Central Missouri and a Master of Business Administration degree from Rockhurst University. She earned her CPA while working for KPMG earlier in her career. Outside of work, you can find Kimberly on the dance floor, swing dancing, lindy hopping and country two steppin!

  10. Chris Nichols
    Accounting Manager

    Best marathon time = 3.24! Hopes to qualify for Boston!

    Chris Nichols serves as the Accounting Manager providing leadership and direction for Accounting Customer Service, Reconciliation and Accounts Receivable. Chris has held leadership roles in a number of areas including operations, finance and customer service, as well as, practice in management consulting and public accounting. After 20 years in private industry, he began his second career in higher education with the College of LSA in 2012. Chris joined the SSC Leadership team in 2016 to bring his combined campus perspective and business experiences to help solve customer challenges, gain efficiencies and evaluate new service offerings. Chris earned his Masters of Business Administration from the University of South Carolina and Bachelors in Accounting from Central Michigan University. He enjoys distance running, yoga, cooking, and spending quality time with his family.

  11. Roxanne Ross
    Human Resources Administrator

    Coming Soon

  12. Timothy Reardanz
    Budget Advisor

    Loves trivia and boardgames

    Tim Reardanz serves as the Budget Advisor for the Shared Services Center at the University of Michigan. He leads the annual budget process and internal control reviews for the SSC. He began his career at the University of Michigan in 2017 working in Student Life with on-campus housing and joined the Shared Services Center in 2020 as the supervisor for the Statement of Activity Reconciliation team. Tim earned a B.A. in Business Administration from Illinois Wesleyan University and a M.A. in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Bowling Green State University. Outside of work, Tim enjoys going to trivia and playing board games with friends and family.