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Accounting Services

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ChartField Requests

Create, update and inactivate ChartFields, the building blocks of the U-M’s financial reporting structure.

Journal Entries

Create a journal entry, to correct errors or move funds between ChartFields. Journal entries record transactions, or move existing transactions in the university’s General Ledger.

Approver Table Maintenance

Create and update Approver Tables, a tool to manage department approvals for journals or vouchers. This tool is used by department managers (or department contact.)

Earmarks (UDC)

Earmarks, also known as a UDC (unit-defined commitment) allow you to designate funds (revenue or expenses) that you are expecting, but have not yet happened.


Proactively send us supporting documentation related to Statement of Activity (SOA) reconciliation, or get help with questions or errors related to your Statement of Activity.