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Supporting Documentation 

When you receive goods or services or use a ShortCode at a restaurant, you can proactively send us the information needed during the reconciliation process:

1. Submit supporting documentation for the transaction by using the SOA eForm.

2. After it posts, your supporting documentation will be matched with the transaction.

Questions & Errors

Email us if you have questions on a specific transaction or to identify a transaction that posted to your account in error. Please include any identifying information about the transaction (journal ID, date, voucher ID, etc.).

We will reach out to another department, the supplier, or a central unit to identify the issue or resolve the error. If you’d like, we can also process a correcting journal entry to resolve the issue.


If you receive invoices in your unit, you can write “OK to pay” on the invoice and sign it, to bypass the eForm.


The eReconciliation Overview provides you with step-by-step instructions on navigating and uploading documentation. Please note the following tips:

  • When you make a purchase for goods or services and an invoice has been processed, validate that you received the goods or services.
  • When you use a ShortCode at a restaurant (like Pizza House), please include:
    • person who approved the event
    • business purpose
    • list of individuals that attended the event
    • receipt or verification of dollar amount

Current list of restaurants where ShortCodes are accepted


By uploading the information to the transaction, you agree the dollar amount is valid. If the dollar amount is not valid, add a comment in the Note field and we can investigate with the vendor.

Find an error with an employee’s pay?

Email us so we can help answer questions or resolve errors. Please include any identifying information about the transaction (like employee ID). We will reach out to any necessary parties (such as payroll) to identify and resolve the error.

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