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Approver Table Maintenance

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For department managers (or department contacts, with written department manager approval) the approver table allows you to create departmental group approvers for single vouchers and journal entries.


Approver Table training module in My LINC– this course is intended for associates/department managers who work with vouchers and/or journal entries that require workflow approval within MPathways. This course will guide users in setting up their approver tables and explain why you should set up an approver table. You can find the training here.


Request New Approver Table (XLS)

When you need help setting up a new approver table, call 734-615-2000, press 3, press 4  or email us.

Request Additions or Changes to an Existing Approver Table

Email us with the following information:

  • Department manager
  • Name of person to be added or removed
  • Approver group to be edited

Before adding approvers to the table, they need to have the following roles in the M-Pathways system to approve vouchers and journal entries.

Before removing the following approval roles from an individual, this person will need to be removed from all approver tables before the OARS request is submitted.

  • Role to approve vouchers (PR AUTH APPROVER VOUCHER USER)
  • Role to approve journal entries (GL JOURNAL ENTRY APPROVER)

Request access for approvers

Approver Table Maintenance Forms

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