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The SSC is now accepting online credit card payments!

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Read on to find out more about this new service offered by the Shared Service Center.

Customers with Accounts Receivable (AR) invoices that are eligible to pay by credit card have previously been calling in to the SSC to make those payments by phone. Customers can now navigate to our website to pay the invoice online, right away.

How do they know if an invoice is eligible? 
The bottom of the invoice lists acceptable remittance options – there will be a credit card option if the invoice is eligible. We are not able to accept credit card payments over $10,000 and we are not able to accept credit card payments for Sponsored projects starting with N0 or F0.

What does the customer need to pay an invoice online? 
The customer needs their AR invoice number and/or customer number, along with their invoice total amount (how much they are paying) and their credit card information.

Can units use the SSC online payment site for non-AR activity (i.e. registration, conference fees)?  Yes!  If a unit is currently accepting credit card payments, or checks in lieu of credit card payments, they will be able to use the SSC online payment site.  If you would like to hear further details, please send your inquiry to

How will the online payment option benefit our customers?
The customers will be able to access the online payment system 24/7 to enter their payment information directly.  Customers will no longer be required to contact the SSC Contact Center to make a credit card payment.

Is the SSC Online Payments site PCI compliant?
Yes. The SSC site is fully compliant with PCI requirements and adheres to University internal control requirements over credit card payments.  In addition, use of this site eliminates the need for units to maintain their own merchant ID and to complete the annual credit card certification course.

Additional questions?  Contact the Shared Services Accounts Receivable department ( for email inquiries and 615-2000, option 3, then option 1 for phone inquiries) for further information or to request a demonstration.