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Supplier Records & W-9

Contact Supplier Records & Reporting


We process requests in the order they were received. If you have an urgent request, please contact the Finance Customer Care Center at 734-615-2000, press 3 press 1.

  • Paying a foreign individual for a service, royalty, or gift/prize/award does not require a Supplier ID. Please follow the PeoplePay Decision Tool. Once you find the appropriate PeoplePay form, follow the routing instructions at the bottom to pay a foreign individual.

Add a Supplier Record

Step 1) Fill out Supplier eForm.

You will need to provide the following information

  • Supplier name 
  • Reason for payment
  • Supplier contact name and email

You can let new suppliers know to expect the following:

*We recommend using this letter, if you wish to send it to the Supplier, it includes all of the information listed below*

  • Be on the lookout for an email from [email protected]
  • The email will contain a link to register as a supplier for the University of Michigan through our supplier portal.
  • To prevent delays in the purchasing and payment processing, a prompt response is appreciated. A failure to respond will result in a delay in processing. 
  • If the supplier has questions, please contact the U-M Supplier Management Team at (734) 615-2000, press 3 to speak with a representative, or email us at [email protected]

Step 2) Following the eForm submission, Supplier Management will send an invitation to the supplier through the Supplier Portal to register as a portal user.  The company or individual will receive an email and link prompting them to complete their supplier registration.

Step 3) Once the supplier completes their registration form, Supplier Management will review the information and, if appropriate, approve the registration to generate the new supplier ID in M-Pathways.  If we have any questions or require any additional information, we will work with the supplier directly to resolve the matter and keep you informed along the way.

You can check on the status of a request by visiting the Client Portal or call us at 734-615-2000, Press 3

Find existing supplier records in M-Pathways Financials & Physical Resources System (M-Pathways FINPROD) by searching in the Supplier 360 screen. This screen allows many search options including, but not limited to, name, address, and taxpayer identification number or social security number.

Navigate to the Supplier 360 screen in M-Pathways using the Navigator function on the NavBar; go to Suppliers >Supplier 360.

The following steps demonstrate how to locate a Supplier ID using the Supplier 360 screen.


Use the “%” as a wildcard to expand your search. Putting a % between first and last name while searching will help you locate a supplier if you are unsure if their middle name is in the system.

Step 1: Enter in search criteria in one or more of the fields available.

For example, entering in the full or partial name in the Name Field.
Note: If applicable, increase the number of Max Rows prior to clicking Search.


We recommend entering the Tax Identification Number into the Withholding Tax ID field if you have it available.

Step 2: Click Search

Step 3: Locate the Supplier ID and/or view supplier information in the search results section.

Click View All to see all available records.

  • Supplier Status:
    • If Approved, the supplier can be used.
    • If Inactive, follow the instructions under Reactivate or Change A Supplier Record section.
  • Open for Ordering: If the box is checked, the supplier can be used for an ePro req.
  • Alt Payee Name: If this field is populated, the name only applies to that Address Seq number.

Step 4: View additional information

Under the Actions column > click the dropdown arrow > Maintain Supplier


Looking for a specific address for a supplier with many addresses?

Type part of the address in the address search fields. The column labeled “Address Seq Number” will tell you which address sequence number is tied to that address so you may use it on your voucher or ePro req.


Found multiple active records and not sure which one to pick?

Try using more search fields to narrow down your search, especially the taxpayer identification number. If you are still unable to determine which supplier ID to use, email or call us and we can assist you in locating the correct supplier record .

To reactivate or change a supplier record, please fill out the Supplier eForm.  You will need the following information:

  • M-Pathways Supplier ID number
  • Supplier name
  • What we will be paying the supplier for

For domestic suppliers we will also need the following information:

  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
    • For company records: Full Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    • For individual records:  The last four digits only of the social security number (SSN) – DO NOT INCLUDE THE FULL SSN

For foreign individual suppliers you will also need Country of Citizenship.


To protect our suppliers, please do not email W-9s or other documents that contain an individual’s social security number or other sensitive information.  Email transmission, including email attachment, is not a secure method of sending this information.  Here are the acceptable methods to send W-9s or other documents containing sensitive information:

  • Attach the documents to the eForm when submitting your request to reactivate or change a supplier record
  • Attach the documents to the your existing case in Case Connect
  • Fax the documents to our secure line at 734-615-5704 (please include your request or reference your existing case number)

If you have a foreign supplier please go to Pay a Foreign Supplier.

Want help using M-Pathways for supplier records? View the Supplier Maintenance Resources located in MyLinc. Navigation: Click Procurement Resources > Click the green Start button on the right > click Supplier Maintenance Resources > Request a Supplier ID