How can we help you?

Check Payment Status

Contact Finance Customer Care
  • 734-615-2000 press 3, press 1
  • M-F, 8:00AM-5:00PM

If a request was submitted to the university for sending payments to a supplier (Accounts Payable), paying the university (Accounts Receivable), or for reimbursements (Accounts Payable and Travel & Expense); we would be happy to help you determine the status of your request or help provide additional information as needed.

Self-Service Option
M-Pathways users have access to the same tools that the Finance Customer Care team uses to do payment research.  This allows you to check payment status of an outgoing payment or find a Supplier ID. Of course, we’re always glad to help you find information, but if you prefer to check things out yourself, click here for how to find our homepage and make it your own.

Reasons Payments May be Delayed

Waiting for a payment to be processed can be frustrating. We’ve put together some of the most common reasons we know of that causes a delay in payment processing. Being aware of these resources can give you access to information related to payments.

1. Returned Checks

Use M-Pathways to see if the payment you are inquiring about is a returned check:

  • Look on the Payments tab of the voucher
    Main Menu > Accounts Payable > Vouchers > Add/Update > Regular Entry
  • Search using the voucher number on the Find an Existing Value tab
  • Navigate to the Payments tab of the voucher to see a hyperlink next to the check number labeled Returned Check.

If you find a check has been returned for your department, typically the reason is incorrect address information. Please email us with the updated address information if it is available and the check number.

2. Incorrect or incomplete information

As we process payments, we may encounter issues with a university purchase order number or a supplier ID for an invoice submitted by a supplier. These issues are escalated to a dedicated team at the SSC called the Research & Outreach team who exclusively work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible so the payment can be processed. We know this can be frustrating and ask your patience as we strive to process all payments as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Common errors we troubleshoot:

  • The supplier name on the purchase order and the name on the invoice do not match
  • The supplier switched from an Inc. to an LLC
  • The remit address on the invoice is not in the supplier ID