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Pay an Individual

Contact Finance Customer Care
  • 734-615-2000 press 3, press 1
  • M-F, 8:00AM-5:00PM

You may be responsible for ensuring an individual who is not an employee of the university gets paid for goods, services, is reimbursed or receives a refund. This is typically a student or guest who needs to be reimbursed for expenses that were related to university business.


  • We process requests in the order they were received
  • Urgent Request? Call 734-615-2000 press 3, press 1
  • DO NOT INCLUDE Social Security Numbers
  • Always attach receipts

Send us the completed form for processing to us by email, fax or mail or create a voucher on your own after filling out the form.

U.S. Mail
SSC Accounts Payable
3003 S. State Street
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1282

Fax: 734-764-8214

If your unit has opted-in to our Travel & Expense service you may email your receipts along with your business purpose and Shortcode(S). If your unit is not opted-in you will need to prepare your reimbursement report in Concur
Pay an individual for goods or goods AND services
Email the invoice with the purchase number

Pay an individual for service
Use the PeoplePay Decision Tool to select the correct form.

Incorrect voucher information can affect payment handling!
Email us to update, correct, or close a voucher


  • Payment handling changes
  • Invoice number corrections
  • Shortcode changes (Non-PO only)
  • Payment term change requests (requests over $10,000 require written procurement approval)
  • Close voucher
  • To pay a foreign individual for services, royalties, or gifts/prizes/awards follow the PeoplePay Decision Tool in Wolverine Access.  Once the appropriate PeoplePay form is determined, follow the routing instructions at the bottom of the form to pay a non-resident alien.
  • To Pay a foreign individual for travel reimbursements, complete the Travel Business Hosting Expense Report (TBHER) (XLS).
  • To Refund or reimburse a  foreign student or guest for supply purchase Complete the Payment Request Form (XLS).
  • To Pay a foreign individual for goods email the invoice with the purchase number