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Bill Another U-M Unit

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Your unit may provide goods or services to another unit here at U-M, which is is done through the Service Unit Billing (SUB) process.

Step 1:  Service Unit Billing Training Course

The SSC offers an online course to provide the detailed information you need to understand the Service Unit Billing process.

  1. Visit:
  2. Hit the ‘+’ sign in the top right and enter the class code: bylr2lf
  3. Visit the ‘Classwork’ tab
  4. Select ‘Service Unit Billing Online Course Materials’
  5. Watch the Video
  6. Complete the quiz with a score of 70% or greater

Upon completing the course, we will request access approval for you to upload Service Unit Billing files to the M-Pathways system so you can submit requests. Your access will not be complete until your Unit Liaison approves the access request.

Step 2:  Request a Supplier ID and Recharge Rate

This provides you with an identifying number for processing Service Unit Billings and the rate at which you can charge other units for services. Email us to make your request.

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