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Incoming Payment Processing

Contact Incoming Payment Processing
  • 734-615-2000 press 3, press 1
  • M-F, 8:00AM-5:00PM

When the University receives a payment that we are not able to identify, it is placed on the University’s Unallocated ChartFields.

Find a Missing Payment

If you have been expecting a payment, but haven’t received it yet, check the Unallocated Payment List (XLS)


To receive a monthly email with a list of all current unallocated payments join the MCommunity group.

Claim an Unallocated Payment or Request Help Searching for a Missing Payment

Email us and include the following information (if you don’t see it on the unallocated list):

  • Journal Entry number if listed
  • Who issued the payment
  • Date of payment
  • Dollar amount of payment
  • Method of payment
  • Location of payment (physical address or bank account number)

I Received a Check That Does Not Belong to my Unit

Is there an Accounts Receivable invoice number referenced?

AR invoices start with 1 & are 7 digits long (1200101) – OR – they start with 6 and are 6 digits long (605123)

Deposit the check into the proper ChartFields using the following chart:

For checks with NO AR invoice number For checks with an AR invoice number
  • Account: 122500
  • Fund: 98000
  • Department: 000500
  • Program: 98040
  • Account: 615560
  • Fund: 99500
  • Department: 000500
  • Program: 90050

Once you deposited the check into the ChartFields, email us the Cash Receipt Ticket.

I’m Expecting a Payment

When your unit is expecting a payment, complete the Payment Notification eForm through the Team Dynamix Client Portal

The eForm identifies all of the required fields for the payment to be applied timely and accurately, including:

  • Name of sponsor/customer 
  • Date of payment
  • Payment amount
  • Invoice number, Project/Grant number or Shortcode
  • GL account code