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Bill an External Customer

Contact Billing
  • 734-615-2000 press 3, press 1
  • M-F, 8:00AM-5:00PM

To send a bill to a customer, you will need to ensure an up-to-date customer record exists. Remember to include this information to help expedite your request:


  • Who, where, what you are billing
    • Does your department have a customer number? If not please see Customer Records for steps and eForms.
  • Quantity, price per unit, and other applicable information
  • Department ShortCode or Project Grant where you want the money applied
  • Account code
  • Purchase Order (PO) Number if required
  • If a portal is required for invoice submission 

What type of customer are you trying to bill? 

Description: External customers, excluding student or patient billing.

Description: U-M department-approved recharge bills. These are sent to customers outside the university, and linked to an ‘N’ non-federal project grant number.

Description: Research studies in which human subjects are assigned to one or more interventions to evaluate the effects. This billing template allows for invoices to be created related to a specific clinical trial. 

Note: Sponsored Programs is responsible for customer set-up, please contact Sponsored Program for assistance.

Description: Project grants are initiated at the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) which provides information to the SSC to ensure invoices are submitted per the agreement. Contact your sponsored program customer service representative if you have questions regarding the billing setup. 

Viewing and Tracking the Bill

Once your invoice has been processed, you can view it in Document Imaging (Perceptive Content desktop software) under the Accounts Receivable drawer. To identify the invoice number, review the Statement of Activity AR Billing Detail Report, or review the Statement of Receivables Aging Reports. To check for outstanding invoices go to our Collections page. If you do not have authorization to access Document Imaging please reach out to your OARS administrator. 


Best practices for submitting to Accounts Receivable:

  • Please no encrypted PDFs
  • When saving UM Excel, ensure it’s to a network drive for the macros security certification to apply.

How do I cancel an invoice?

Submit a Billing Request eForm (General Customer) (Various Customer) and complete the template with the negative amount(s) to be credited and the original accounting entries. 

How will I know if an invoice will need to be submitted to a portal and/or will need a PO?

Verify with your customer is a portal or PO is required. 

Can I bill a general customer on a 30000 fund?

To bill on a 30000 fund, a purpose will need to be provided. The request will then be approved by an Accounts Receivable Services Supervisor.