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Customer Records

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Before you can send a bill to an external customer for goods or services, a customer record must be added. Keeping customer records up-to-date will ensure bills are processed correctly and in a timely manner.

Overview of Customer Record Process

  1. Unit signs agreement with external customer
  2. Unit runs query in M-Pathways to see if customer already exists
  3. If customer does not exist, unit fills out template (see chart of templates below) and attaches to the appropriate customer record eForm
  4. SSC uploads customer in M-Pathways
  5. Unit receives customer ID via email from SSC

Check Customer Records (Step 2 in Overview)

Confirm if a customer already exists or check if customer information is up-to-date by running a query in M-Pathways.

Query in M-Pathways to see if a general customer exists
(Query name: M_AR_10_CUSTOMER_LIST)
Query in M-Pathways to see if a various customer exists*
(Query name: M_AR_10_VARIOUS_CUST_LIST)


If a customer is not set up and linked to your ‘N’ project grant, you must set up a new customer record.

Set up a New Customer Record (Step 3 in Overview)

Complete one of the customer templates (see table below) and send it to the corresponding email. Use this checklist for information you will need when filling out the templates:

  • Customer/Business name
  • Contact person for the customer
  • Customer address
  • Customer billing eForm
  • Customer phone
  • U-M dept contact uniqname

The type of customer will determine which template you will need to fill out and where to send it. Use the chart below to help determine the correct template.

General Customer Various Customer
TYPE A general customer is billing an external customer for goods or services A various customer has an approved recharge rate through ORSP and 1 p/g will invoice multiple external customers for services/supplies
Template needed General Customer Upload Template (XLSM) Various Customer Upload Template (XLSM)
eForm: General Customer Request Various Sponsor

Change a Customer Record

Select the eForm for the customer type you are updating. Please include the following in the title field: “Customer Update”, customer name, customer number (GN or N99 number). A description of the changes you are requesting should be included in the description field.