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Stored Value Cards

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The Shared Services Center administers the university’s Stored Value Card (SVC) program which is used for dispensing per diem funds to students and occasionally guests. The SVC program offers a safer alternative to cash for prepayment of expenses that do not require receipts and are not tax reportable, such as per diem. The SVC is a Visa debit card issued by FIS Global and is loaded with a dollar amount determined by the unit.

Stored Value Card Program Guidelines

  • Used for pre-payments to students who will make purchases that do not require receipts and are not tax reportable, such as per diem when traveling
    • Cannot be used to pay students for other expenses such as supplies – see the SSC Pay an Individual webpage for more information on how to pay students for expenses other than per diem
    •  Cannot be issued to university employees
    •  Can be retained by the recipient for potential reloading of funds for future purposes
    •  Units are responsible for updating student addresses upon graduation so replacement cards can be sent when the current card expires

How Does the Program Work?

The SVC program requires completion of the following steps:

  1. Application – The unit completes the application for enrollment to the SVC program and submits it to the SSC. The application must be physically signed or signed using an approved signature software such as Adobe or SignNow.
  2. System Access – Upon application approval, the SSC will grant the indicated users within the unit access to the FIS system.
  3. Request Cards – The unit submits a request for new cards in the FIS system. The unit must provide each student’s first and last name, address, and student ID#. A card embossed with each student’s name will be mailed to the address provided. The cards have no value on them until a load file is processed (step 5).
  4. Activate Cards – Each student must activate their card when they receive it. A card cannot be loaded with funds until activated. Activation instructions are included on the insert that arrives with the card. Students can activate the card online, by downloading the app, or by calling the toll-free number.
  5. Load Cards – When the unit is ready for the cards to be used, they will use the SVC Excel Loader Form to submit a load file in the FIS system. The file routes to the SSC for approval before the money is loaded onto the cards. It is recommended that the department provide 24 hours notice to allow time to process the load. A confirmation email will notify the unit when the cards are loaded. A separate form must be submitted for each load date.
    Note: Cards cannot be loaded using Sponsored Funds.  Discretionary funds must be used when completing the SVC Excel Loader Form.  Please see additional details below for funding cards.
  6. Funding Cards –  The SSC processes a monthly journal entry to charge the shortcode(s) provided by the unit on the SVC Excel Loader Form. This journal entry will expense all loads performed throughout the month. When appropriate, please request a journal entry to move the charges to the Sponsored Project.  This can be completed after all required documentation has been gathered, specific to the Sponsored Project.  Please reach out to your Sponsored Programs contact with any additional questions.

Limits and Thresholds

Transaction limits:

  • $2,500 per day spending limit
  • $500 per day ATM limit

Loading limits:

  • Maximum total load limit of $10,000 per card
  • Four loads/unloads per card per day


Frequently Asked Questions About the Stored Value Card Program

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