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Travel Cash Advances

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If you are an employee or faculty member and need a cash advance due to a trip you are taking,  you may request a Travel Advance or a Lump Sum Advance. You can determine which kind of cash advance is appropriate based on the information below.

If you would rather talk through your questions with one of our customer service experts, please call 734-615-2000, press 3, press 4  or email us.

Travel Advances

A Travel Advance is an advance of cash that will be used to cover U-M travel-related expenses and is requested through Concur. The employee that is in need of the cash is responsible for completing their own requests. If you are new to the process, you might find the Request or Approve Cash Step-by-Step Procedure (PDF) published by Procurement helpful.

After the Trip

Travel Advances obtained through Concur must be reconciled through the Concur system. Email us to request a Concur report. To help ensure we process your request in a timely manner, we have provided this checklist for you:

  • Note that expenses are related to a cash advance.
  • Attach receipts and related documentation.
  • Include business purposes and ShortCode(s).

Lump Sum Advances

Lump Sum Advances are special cash advances that a Faculty member receives when traveling predominantly outside of the country for research with students, and are for expenses not necessarily related to travel.

U-M SPG detailing Lump Sum Advance policy.

Request a Lump Sum Advance  (XLS)

Mail the completed form to Wolverine Tower as indicated on the form. (Please complete both of these tabs on the form: Lump Sum Request tab and Promissory Note tab.)


To ensure adequate time for processing, requests for Lump Sum Advances should be submitted two weeks prior to the date the funds are required.

After the Trip

Once the advance is received, the Faculty member must keep record of all receipts in order to account for how the cash is spent. Once they return from the trip, please attach receipts along with the Lump Sum Advance Voucher. Any funds that were not spent should be paid back to the university. Mail the Lump Sum Advance Voucher and the attached receipts to:

Wolverine Tower Mail Room
3003 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109