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Pay an Invoice

Contact Finance Customer Care
  • 734-615-2000 press 3, press 1
  • M-F, 8:00AM-5:00PM

We process requests in the order they were received. If you have an urgent request, please contact 734-615-2000, press 3, press 1.

To ensure prompt payments, suppliers should submit invoices directly to the SSC rather than sending them to university departments.

Submit an Invoice

Email us ( to submit an invoice for payment.


NOTE: If an invoice contains Protected Health Information (PHI) it cannot be submitted through email. It must be securely submitted through the postal service or by fax.

U.S. Mail:
U-M SSC Accounts Payable
3003 S. State Street
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1282
OR:  Fax: 734-764-8214


To help ensure payment of your invoice in a timely manner, please make sure the invoice includes:

  • A valid purchase order
    • A ShortCode and account number may be provided to process an invoice, in lieu of a purchase order number, but this does not comply with procurement policy for processing payment for goods and services. *Account: describes the type of activity that is being processed (Revenue or Expense Account). To download a list of valid account codes, click here
  • A remit address
  • A request for payment from the University of Michigan and not a university employee
  • A description of the goods or services (Itemized is preferred)
  • The cost of the goods or services provided (itemized is preferred)
  • The current total amount due (previous or balance forward balances are NOT included or paid)

The following will not be accepted as a valid invoice for payment:

  • Statements
  • Order Confirmations
  • Packing Slips
  • Proforma Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Estimates
  • Order Acknowledgements
  • Service Orders
  • Delivery Tickets
  • Visibly Altered Invoices

Suppliers:  To find out the status of a payment, email us the statement.

Email us and include the voucher number when a supplier or your department requests special handling for the delivery method of checks being paid from an invoice.  This can include required enclosures or a request to pick up the check at Wolverine Tower.

For payments where checks are not accepted as a payment method, fill out the Electronic Funds Transfer/Automatic Clearing House (EFT/ACH) handling form. Once this form is completed and submitted, all future vouchers are paid by this method for that supplier.

Invoices submitted with a foreign remit address (except for Canada or the Virgin Islands) will be routed for draft payment or wire transfer. The requester who submitted the invoice will receive an email containing a link to enter the wire information.


Only the requester may enter banking information for draft payment or wire transfer, and this is done individually for each voucher to be paid via draft or wire.  If you need help filling out this information, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 734-763-1299.

There is a $15 charge to pay by wire transfer. If you prefer to send payment via check, please email us or reply directly to the system-generated email requesting the wire information.

Credit memos from suppliers to the University of Michigan are submitted through the same three methods. Once we receive the credit memo, we will enter the credit and allocate the funds back to the correct U-M department.

Email us

US Mail: (Use this method if the request contains Protected Health Information.)
U-M SSC Accounts Payable
3003 S. State Street
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1282

Fax us:  (Use this method if the request contains Protected Health Information.)


To ensure that credits are allocated to the correct
U-M department, the memo must include the original invoice number and/or purchase order number.

If a voucher needs to be updated, corrected, or closed, email us and we can process your request.

Not sure this is what you are looking for?  Here are a few examples of these types of requests:

  • Payment handling changes
  • Invoice number corrections
  • Shortcode changes (Non-PO only)
  • Payment term change requests (requests over $10,000 require written procurement approval)
  • Close a voucher