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E-Verify Service

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Faculty, staff, and temporaries that receive pay from a contract that contains the FAR E-Verify requirement must be E-Verified per federal regulations.  Individuals that are newly hired at the University and immediately paid from a funding source that requires e-verification must be e-verified within 3 days from the date of hire.  Existing University faculty, staff, and temporaries that are transferred to a funding source that requires e-verification must be e-verified within 30 days of the effective date of appointment to this source of funds.

Please gather the following information prior to submitting your request for an E-Verify Appointment:

  • Employee Name
  • Employee UMID#
  • Parent Project Grant # (that has the E-Verify requirement)
  • Short-code(s) that employee will be paid from that is tied to this P/G #
  • Effective date of appointment to this short code(s)

What to bring to your appointment:

  • Print a copy of the I-9 Form and complete Section #1 prior to arriving at the appointment. If you are unable to print the I-9 form, copies are at the Regional I-9 Centers where your appointment will take place.
  • Bring unexpired original supporting documentation (copies or expired documents will NOT be accepted). For additional information on acceptable identification documents please see Form I-9 Acceptable Documents. For F-1 students, J-1 exchange visitors and J-1 students: See Form I-9 Combination Documents for detailed information on acceptable combinations of documents.
  • On-site printing is limited or unavailable, so please make sure to print any supporting documentation needed to complete your I-9 prior to your appointment. I-9s are completed by appointment only.

To complete the E-Verify process click here to submit your request for an appointment.  


Only individuals working on (paid from) a federal contract that has the E-Verify requirement can be E-Verified.

Compliance with federal E-Verify requirements is imperative to maintain our ability to receive federal contract funding.

Appointments are necessary to be e-verified.

Questions?  Contact us via eForm(Choose I-9/E-Verify/M-Card Processing)

For additional information:

University Human Resources website:

Questions:  Katie McCollum (734) 763-5563 or email:

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