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I-9 Processing

Contact Human Resources
  • 734-615-2000, press 1
  • M-F, 8:00AM-5:00PM (Contact Centers Closed 1PM-2PM)

PLEASE NOTE: Employers should use the updated I-9 Form (PDF) which expires 07/31/2026. Please verify that the correct form is being used by checking the date which can be found on the upper right hand corner of the form.

All new employees (including re-hired employees) must complete an I-9 Form (PDF) to verify identity and employment eligibility.

If you have been recently hired or rehired and have been instructed to complete an I-9 form you are at the right place.

Please note, all employees must complete the following steps prior to completing an I-9 form:

  • You must first have been offered a job and
  • You must have accepted that job offer
  • Schedule an I-9 appointment (below) at one of 3 regional I-9 centers located on the Ann Arbor campus.  You may choose from: The Shared Services Center (south campus – ample free parking), Pierpont Commons (north campus), the Student Activities Building (central campus)

What to bring to your appointment:

  • Print a copy of the I-9 Form (PDF) and complete Section #1 prior to arriving at the appointment. If you are unable to print the I-9 form, copies are at the Regional I-9 Centers where your appointment will take place.
  • Bring unexpired original supporting documentation (copies or expired documents will NOT be accepted). For additional information on acceptable identification documents please see Form I-9 Acceptable Documents. For F-1 students, J-1 exchange visitors and J-1 students: See Form I-9 Combination Documents for detailed information on acceptable combinations of documents.
  • On-site printing is limited or unavailable, so please make sure to print any supporting documentation needed to complete your I-9 prior to your appointment.

I-9s are completed by appointment only.  

Visit the link below and choose an appointment at the location of your choice. Walk-ins are not accepted.  It is imperative that you arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. Early arrival may result in additional wait time, and late arrival will result in having to reschedule an I-9 appointment at a later date.


Appointment locations are listed below and can be scheduled Monday-Friday. Click the “+” sign for each location. 


Shared Services Center (South Campus)

Located near South State Street and I-94, and offers free parking

1000 Victor’s Way
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108


To Schedule I-9 Appt. Click Here

Student Activities Building (Central Campus)

Student Activities Building I-9 Center – Lower Level
515 E. Jefferson Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

There are multiple appointments available at SAB for I-9 processing. If there are no appointments available on the SAB Calendar 1, please check the SAB Calendar 2 for additional availability.


SAB Calendar 1


SAB Calendar 2

Pierpont Commons (North Campus)

Pierpont Commons – Room 2202
2101 Bonisteel Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Please Note: Due to construction near Pierpont Commons, Lot NC27 will have limited parking. Please give yourself ample time to find adequate parking. Additional options can be found here (click on North and Medical Campus Parking).

Administration Building

To Schedule I-9 Appt. Click Here

303 E. Kearsley St, 213 University Pavilion

To Schedule I-9 Appt. Click Here


Questions?  Contact us via eForm (Choose I-9/E-Verify/M-Card Processing)

Additional I-9 Information

The information below is applicable to: Hiring Managers, Human Resources Representatives, Personnel Recipients, etc.

Checklist before employee visits an I-9 Center

To help ensure your new employee is prepared for the I-9 process, please use the checklist below before sending them to an I-9 Center. Not completing these steps may result in the inability to complete the I-9 process.

Checklist for eRecruit Hires: (Regular Staff, Faculty, Instructional, Supplemental, Primary Staff, Graduate Students, Non-Student Temporary)


Checklist for Student Temporary Hires:

If you are planning to hire a new faculty or staff member outside of driving distance from a University of Michigan campus, you can request the Remote I-9 service (eForm). We will contact you via email once we receive the request form.

Remote I-9 Process Overview (PDF)


To ensure that the I-9 service is completed on time, it is recommended you request remote I-9 service immediately following the employee accepting the offer.  Remote I-9 processing can take up to two weeks or longer, depending upon the employee’s location and the ability to locate an agent willing to complete an I-9 on behalf of U-M.

Before submitting the remote I-9 request eForm:
  1. Hiring Departments must submit the request on behalf of the employee.  Employees should not submit a request themselves and these cannot be processed.  
  2. Federal law requires that an in-person meeting occur in order to complete an I-9.  This meeting is required for all I-9’s including those for remote employees.  The remote I-9 process does NOT remove the federal requirement of meeting in-person to complete the I-9.  
  3. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are potential delays in completing the remote I-9 process and locating an agent to assist in the process.
  4. The Remote I-9 process is only available in situations where an employee is not near a University of Michigan campus or facility.  The employee must be working outside of driving distance (generally one hour) from one of the University of Michigan campuses.

If you are planning a special departmental orientation for new hires, and would like to include the opportunity for them to complete the I-9 process at the event, we can help! SSC staff will attend your event and complete the I-9 process on site. Request I-9 Special Event Service (eForm)

Special Event Services must include at least 15 attendees and be held during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.). To help ensure all new employees are eligible to complete their I-9 forms, please refer to this readiness checklist:

  • Did the employee complete and pass a background check?
  • Did the employee accept a final job offer?
  • Is the employee aware of required documentation to bring with them?
  • Does the event date fall between the job offer acceptance date and the employee’s first day at work?