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HR Coordinator Services

Contact HR Coordinators
  • 734-615-2000, press 1, press 3, press 1
  • M-F, 8:00AM-5:00PM

This opt-in service provides you with support, coordination, and processing of front-end HR transactions.

If your unit is not currently enrolled in the HR Coordinator Service, but you could benefit from this support, contact Tenia Dewolf at or 734-763-6877.

Submitting requests to the HR Coordinator Service

Transaction-specific eForms simplify each process by identifying only the required fields for each transaction type. Click each link below to be directed to the eForm page in TeamDynamix.
  • Job Postings: Specific job posting eForms have been created based on employment type, including: 
    • Regular Faculty/Staff
    • Student Temporary Employment Processing (STEP)
    • Non-Student Temporary Employment
    • Graduate Students
    • Cancel/Modify a Posting
  • Job Offers: Specific job offer eForms have been created based on employment type, including:
    • Regular Faculty/Staff
    • Non-Student Temporary Employment
    • Student Temporary Employment Processing (STEP)*
    • Graduate Students*
  • Upload Requests: If you need to process more than 20 change requests, use these transaction-specific upload template eForms
    • Supervisor ID Upload
    • Additional Pay Upload
    • Compensation Rate Change Upload

You can use the HRC Inquiry/Information Request eForm for any inquiries, questions, or effort certification.

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