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Personnel Changes

Contact HR Customer Care
  • 734-615-2000 press 1, press 3
  • M-F, 8:00AM-5:00PM

Viewing Human Resources’  How to Process PAR Transactions page may be helpful in understanding how to process these transactions.

When you need help with a PAR transaction, email us or call us at 734-615-2000 press 1, press 3.  Please include the following information:

  • Type of HR appointment transaction
  • PAR Transaction number ( if applicable)
  • UMID

Urgent Assistance

Urgent assistance may be needed with PAR transactions if, for example, a PAR was submitted late and employee will not receive a paycheck, or a job needs to be added in order to activate benefits.

Email us to request assistance with these PAR’S.  Once we receive your request you will receive a confirmation email.  Please include the following information:

  • Type of HR appointment transaction (Example: cutoff, late PAR, Emergency)
  • PAR Transaction number ( if applicable)
  • UMID
  • Case Number your received via email from Shared Services, if applicable

Email us  to re-assign a PAR approver.  Please include the following information:

  • Transaction Category (example: Additional pay)
  • Uniqname of current approver
  • Uniqname of replacement approver
  • Reason for reassignment (example:  out of office, no longer in department)
  • List of pending  transactions ID’s  requiring the reassignment
A staff member with expertise in specific areas may be asked to teach in addition to their regular job appointment. These staff members are known as LEO lecturers. LEO lecturers will have a reduction of effort to their regular job appointment and the effort will be applied to the LEO appointment. Because LEO is not a part of the accrual system, you should submit your request each term to ensure the change in effort of appointment does not result in lost accruals or a vacation payout.

LEO Accrual Request


Batch processing allows us to upload changes to the M-Pathways system for multiple employees at one time.  When you have 20 or more of the same type of action to process, using a batch process can save you considerable time.  We currently offer batch processing for:

  • One-time additional pay
  • Campus address/phone changes

The HR Batch Toolkit Overview provides an overview of the process. Instructions and templates for the batchload processes can be found by navigating to either the Address Batch or Additional Pay pages or by contacting the HR Data Management Team: ( and we will send the appropriate template for submitting the batch load.

Keeping personnel folders up to date includes submitting annual performance and probationary reviews, letters of commendation, and special recognition awards.  Please mail documents to:

SSC Personnel File Only
3003 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1271